I read blogs all the time where people get unexpected parcels in the mail and today it happened to me! I am so so excited to get a nice surprise!

My friend Lynn used to be my brother Jacob’s teacher at primary school. We met again at Art School in Dunedin during a printmaking class and our mutual love of art, op-shops, chocolate, ideas, trips to South Dunedin, laughing at stupid stuff and making our other friends karate kick the plug above the printing press meant we soon became good friends. I’ve also just realised, thinking about that last sentence that I’ve met many of my friends in quite strange ways… (another post perhaps).

This green box of wonderful is from Lynn in Dunedin. She has been clearing out her Mum’s house and much of these things come from her grandmother. I am honoured to be the recipient of these as well as the other parts of the box including two fabrics for making stuff with. I’m also strangely stoked to now own a darning mushroom – look out socks!

Here I’ve tagged the photo with notes (hover over it to have them appear). What an awesome day.


One Response to Surprise!

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! The skirt was given to me from my friend Julie and I thought you might be able to use it for lining one of your bags – while making a feature of the little pull up tab things.

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