Done and dusted

Tom and I have had one of the weekends where you get stuff done but it makes for a boring blog post.

We’ve mowed the lawn, down the washing, cleaned the house, done the shopping and had lunch under the walnut tree at the new outdoor table. So far, so boring. But I did also realise that for the first time in ages I feel caught up and in control, not like I need the world to wait for stop for two weeks.

In other news, we took a poll on the new room and The Blue Room won. But neither of use call it that (sorry) – Tom calls it The Board Room and I don’t call it.

We grew a cucumber, which was so far the most exciting thing the vegetable garden has produced. Although peas and beans were a close second and third.

I updated my website again, making it easier for people to shop online and get the latest news. And I’m in the midst of making green bags, which should be done by next weekend.

There won’t be a blackberry day this year because they got over picked last year.

Here’s some cool stuff from around the world wide web lately:

Printable moustaches and labels. How to make a doily pillow. A cool robot zombie poster. This is a cool curtain tie-back.


3 Responses to Done and dusted

  1. mazzygirls says:

    Ok, so I’ve obviously not checked in for a while, but hooray! Go the Board Room!
    Out of interest, where did you get the massive blackboard for the door?

  2. tomandemma says:

    Hi Mazzygirls – the blackboard is a blackboard but also the front of our cupboard doors. We have two folding doors opening onto a huge wardrobe in that room so painted the whole lot in blackboard paint. You can pretty much paint it on anything – I’ve even seen a fridge done in it!

  3. mazzygirls says:

    Ah ha! Thanks. I have actually seen the blackboard paint but it did not occur to me that would be what it was. I’m of two minds on whether it would be a good idea for us…encouraging children to draw on walls is just asking for trouble, really! I like the idea of putting it on a fridge though, very cool.

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