House for sale

Our friends Kartini and Cyril are selling their wonderful Featherston house to move to France to be closer to family. So how about it? They live right in town (in the good part), their house is stylishly renovated and has three bedrooms and lots of garage space as well as things like insulation, a heat pump, bathtub and other stuff that makes life better.

Their advertising poster is below, or see the house on Trade Me and don’t forget that, if you buy it, tell them Emma and Tom sent you! AND click the image to make it bigger and more readable.


3 Responses to House for sale

  1. alana says:

    Em – stop telling people about this house! It looks amazing – Jon and I are going to look at it on Saturday! Are you guys about? Would love to catch up if so. We’re going to be babyfree all afternoon so we’re thinking hanging out in Greytown could be the order of the day. xo A

  2. Nikki says:

    Cartini and Cyril are moving back to France?!? No freaking way!!! How are they? I had no idea you knew them… should have… the Wairarapa is so small.

    Say hey from me. (If they need clarification, I’m Niamh’s Nikki 😛 )


  3. tomandemma says:

    Alana I think you’re pretty safe because although everyone LOVES this house – you’re the only one wanting to come live in Featherston (it’s your endless great taste). And Nikki I’ll say say from you – they’re moving to France to be nearer the grandparents.

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