Kicking it old school

Crazy fennel flowers - taller than me

Tom and I have had a really productive weekend – quite by accident. Here’s what we did:

Weeded the gardens, including pulling all the old pea vines and bits of used broccoli out of the vege garden to make more room for new seedlings. When Tom mowed the back lawn and cleared up scrub around the garage he found an avocado stone from the compost that had sprouted so we decided to plant it and see if a tree would grow. If you know the tree won’t grow, don’t tell us.

I made plum jam and apricot jam using Chelsea jam-setting sugar, which was great! Super easy, super great at setting jam. If you click the link to Chelsea you can also see the jam biscuits I made.

We also had homemade focaccia for Saturday lunch, with homemade broccoli pesto in an attempt to not go to as many cafes since we’ve just spent all our money on this this and this.

And today I made yoghurt, my newest thing to make that we used to buy (pesto is also in this category). I looked through lots of recipes online about making it but they were either way too complicated for me to bother with or just weird. Here’s how we do it (to get a good, thick unsweetened yoghurt).

You will need:

1 x Easiyo yoghurt insulator + container (ours was $3 from the Carterton op shop). Almost every op shop in New Zealand has at least one of these so buy second hand.

1x litre of whole milk (the dark blue stuff)

Roughly 3 x tablespoons of living yoghurt (we started ours with a supermarket-bought yoghurt with aphodopholis in it).

This is what you do:

1. Put the milk into a pot and heat it. Don’t let it boil but it should be hot enough to create a natural foam on the top and to smell like warm milk.

2. Remove from the heat and pour into your plastic container, set aside.

It’s a good idea to make your yoghurt while cleaning the kitchen because then you get two good things done at once.

3. When your milk is a bit cooler or you suddenly remember you’re making yoghurt, take the 3 tablespoons of living yoghurt and slide it down the inside of the container, taking care not to plop it through the top. Mix the yoghurt and milk mixture. Then add the lid to your plastic container and give it a gentle shake.

4. Boil the jug and fill your Easiyo insulator to the line inside it.

5. Put your yoghurt in and leave it overnight or until it’s thick and yoghurt like.

The key is to remember (especially if you live with a yoghurt addict) to reserve three tablespoons for the next lot before the lot you’re eating is all gone. This way you can be in yoghurt for life and never have to buy it again. To make it flavoured you can either add berries, jam or honey to it.


4 Responses to Kicking it old school

  1. Jax says:

    Emma, you are a domestic goddess!!

  2. Madeline says:

    hi emma,
    you may be able to fit a glass preserving jar inside your esiyo insulater …. then you don’t even have to have your yogurt in plastic. love madz

  3. Louise says:

    Wow – very productive!

    If you find that your homemade yoghurt isn’t thick enough, you can also whisk in a few heaped spoonfuls of powdered milk at the same time as you add the yoghurt starter. Apparently the Easiyo sachets have heaps more powdered milk in them than you would normally need for milk so that you get really thick yoghurt.

    I use the same method with a soy yoghurt starter and soy milk and add three tbsp of powdered soymilk. I wonder why I ever bought yoghurt when it is so easy to make!!

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