The spare room

Here’s our little spare room, which is painted in Dulux Piha (a very dark blue) with white skirtings, window and door surrounds.

I had always wanted a dark spare room so it was like a sanctuary where people could relax and Piha was a nice choice because it is a reminder of Tom’s Dad who loved Piha.

The print is mine, titled Always a Lover of Open Spaces, which you can see here.


5 Responses to The spare room

  1. […] pesto in an attempt to not go to as many cafes since we’ve just spent all our money on this this and […]

  2. […] and I had planned to paint the last of our little rooms this weekend, since we did the other two last year and wanted to get it done during Summer. However, best laid plans were cast¬†asunder* […]

  3. […] had a small lounge that was aubergine). I felt I could take my place on the tour proudly knowing our spare room is a very very dark […]

  4. […] What I really love is that the print was bought by people who’ve got such great taste! I rarely know who buys my work – prints or craft – so it’s wonderful to see where it’s gone to live. Another print from this edition is above our spare bed. […]

  5. […] colour also goes really well with the blue room, which it comes off, and the spare room, which it sits […]

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