Walnut tree picnic

At our house everything has multiple uses and few things are ever thrown out because they can always be given away, taken to the op-shop or upcycled.

Case in point is our new outdoor table set. I’ve wanted outdoor furniture for a while but cringed at paying $800+ for it. This summer Tom made us a table out of an old door we had lying around by attaching some trellis legs to it.

Then he painted up five old chairs we had using leftover paint from the kitchen floor.

Now we have a cool outdoor table set for a total cost of $50 for the trellis legs. Well pleased we are – and here’s Tom using the table yesterday to read the paper.

Lawns courtesy of Tom’s Mum Julie who mowed them for us when she visited last weekend.


3 Responses to Walnut tree picnic

  1. Tony says:

    Excellent table Tom. I didn’t know the legs are known as trellis legs. I got some and put them on a large, as in very, piece of MDF, painted it white, and it made a beaut table for food when we had a heap of friends round for a barbeque.

  2. tomandemma says:

    That’s my bad – I mean trestle but can’t stop calling them trellis legs because I’m a bit sllllooooowwww. Emma.

  3. […] Mum Julie and his brother Matthew. If it’s a sunny day then I’m hoping to eat lunch under the walnut tree. Here it […]

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