Magpie Hall

Over summer I read Rachael King’s second novel, Magpie Hall, thoroughly enjoyed it and think you should read it too.

It’s the kind of book I knew would be  a great read from the first page. It’s an easy read – the story trots along nicely – with a good amount of intrigue and a nice use of storytelling between the three main characters and their periods of time. The novel is built around a Gothic mansion, tattooing, taxidermy and collecting, which made it about as interesting for me as a well stocked op-shop with half price cardigans.

Part of the story is also about the art of tattooing in the Victorian era, which was new to me and one of the more compelling parts of the novel. And reading about the aspects of collecting in the novel was like once again remembering why I loved working in museums so much and why I love trawling for treasure more than most things in the world.

Being the nerd I am, and given Rachael King and I have five mutal Facebook friends (although I don’t know her from a bar of soap) oh okay, maybe… I sent her a note on Facebook to tell her how much I liked the novel. That’s embarrassing.

I haven’t read the Sound of Butterflies but might need to get over the fact that I think butterflies are cliche and put it on my reading list for 2010.


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