Love is…

A new studio!

When Tom and I bought our house three years ago we also got a huge double garage. The garage had a huge lift-up door for the car and a smaller human-sized door that was usually covered in trash so nobody could get through it anyway.

Late last year we got the part with the door built into a studio for me. Yay! It’s great – my own little room that I’ve painted green (Dulux Geraldine) and that is a haven for making craft and prints.

Inspired by World Sweet World issue one, I used old drawers (that I painted white) to create shelving for the studio. Get a better look here. The studio has areas for drawing, cutting, posting, sewing and I’ve been trying this new – put things away after you’ve used them thing – which seems to be working pretty well.

So far I’ve churned out two skirts, a dress and some stuff for my Felt shop.

In a move of husbandly-wonderfulness Tom decided that the little studio needed to be nice outside too so he built me a garden using macrocarpa sleepers and made a small and perfectly formed paved area to walk into the studio from. See it here.

I love my studio more than anything else (except Tom) and often think of it. It truly is my happy place.


4 Responses to Love is…

  1. Ross and Julie says:

    What a transformation, I can’t wait to see it all this weekend. It is good to have a happy place.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Oooooh girl! I love it! Almost as much as I love Prince William.

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