Take back the power

I really like magazines, Frankie in particular. However, it arrives in New Zealand weeks after being published in Australia and means people end up taking several trips to the magazine shop to ask if it’s in yet… unless you know this handy trick.

I thought I’d share it because it was new to me when I was told.

Some magazine stores have a series of numbers above the price of their magazines. On this Frankie you’ll see the numbers are 1/03. That means that the magazine is going to be taken off the shelf on around the first of March, which means the new magazines will be in a few days after.

Save yourself a trip because there’s no way the next Frankie will be in shops before around 5 March.

Handy – and if you leave the price on your magazine you’ll always know when the new one is out.


One Response to Take back the power

  1. sue says:

    I have vanity fair on order at magnetix, before they hit the shelves the lovely people ring me and tell me my order is in.

    Also if i take one look and decide i don’t want the magazine (the jessica simpson issue was a good example) i just tell them and they pop it out on the shelf.

    plus i get the joy of phones calls telling me lovely news once a month

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