Normal service will resume soon

2009 has been awful but I’m finally starting the chug through the last week of work today.

During the Christmas and New Year period I need some time away so I’m putting the blog on a summer holiday too. I’ll be back in the New Year – hopefully with lots of new entries, a more stable life and interesting photos  – but right now Tom and I just need some time out away from the rest of the world. Keep us in your feed reader. I imagine we’ll return mid-January.

2 Responses to Normal service will resume soon

  1. azlemed says:

    have a great break, this years been really hard in lots of ways for us too, an ectopic pregnancy, an unexpected pregnancy, buying a new house, phd writing, and the usual dramas that go with having kids and mum not being well have meant that I too am happy to say goodbye to this year, maybe 2010 will be better and bring some happiness for us all…

  2. Helen says:

    Love you, Ems! xxx

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