Felt like Friday

This week I did all the Christmas shopping online. It’s something I’ve always thought about doing and this year there are lots of great online shops with stylish wares that I actually wanted to buy from. It also saved me going to shops and dealing with questions like, “how are yoooouuuu?” and ensured that I didn’t get tricked by shop displays into buying more than I meant to.

In the spirit of online shopping, here’s a few favourites from online craft shop Felt. They’re all New Zealand made objects by people who will be thrilled to have made a sale before Christmas. Click on each image to go through to the right place in the site. Everything can be bought online and hopefully this might save you a trip to the shops too.

Printed doilly cushion

Teatowel of the family cat

Great new magazine

Green hair clips

Slightly scary cat

A cool t-shirt

Man's utility apron

Notebooks - always handy

3 Responses to Felt like Friday

  1. alaha says:

    I love Emma.

  2. sue says:

    your blog is snowing!!!!!!!

  3. tomandemma says:

    Cool aye? It starts snowing here over Christmas and I think it’s super cute.

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