Gaga Christmas II

There’s a sign down the end of the road near my work that’s been counting down to Christmas since it was about 45 days to go.

It kills me. Not so long ago I was writing this post about our Christmas plans.

It was always going to be random this year: Ross had hired a clubrooms where his Dad played rugby (or something sporty) and the family was gathering – a family I would meet for the first time. Now of course Ross is dead and I’ve met all the family. Christmas is still on, at the clubrooms but missing a major piece of happy Ross wearing who-knows-what-hat grinning from ear to ear at the simple pleasure that is eating whatever the hell you like for lunch on Christmas Day.

I’m sure Christmas will be fun and Julie, Tom, Matt and I will enjoy ourselves (or dull the pain with a LOT of wine) but right now I can’t get in the mood. Tinsel no longer excites me, Christmas shopping, sales and advertising seems grotesque and I have no desire to hear Christmas songs or see Santa.

I can’t imagine Christmas shopping (I’m wondering if I can do it all online) and quite honestly am pretty much stuck for ideas, which is very unlike me.

This Summer holiday I’m looking forward to gardening, sun, the swimming hole and fresh berries from the Greytown orchard. I’m hoping Julie will come and visit and that the new spare room will be done in time. Forgive me if I seem a little bah humbug.


3 Responses to Gaga Christmas II

  1. Ross and Julie says:

    I have to admit to feeling a bit bah humbug myself. However, a Broadhead family Xmas has got to produce a few laughs at the very least, and trying out the new spare room is a cheery thought. Love,Julie.

  2. tomandemma says:

    Tom’s got ages off over Christmas so hopefully – as long as the errant builders return – we’ll get it done.

  3. sue says:

    you are all so brave still having a big Christmas
    i just ignored it all last year & had sausage rolls for lunch. I also found drinking & DVDs were extremely useful

    this year i’m enjoying Christmas, actually got a tree out and out up decorations, but even that part was hard and a bit sad, but it’s over 12 months now so i can be sad now at times but not fall to bits

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