My new wheels

My new wheels

In 1978 Tom’s Dad had a bike accident that wrecked his bike.

At the time I lived in Geraldine, Tom was three and it was a whole 22 years before we would met. However, the result of the accident was that Ross’s workmate gave him an old bike from their shed, which he’s ridden round ever since.

Last weekend the bike came to our house – it’s my inheritance from Ross and I plan to ride it around the streets of Featherston.  The fancy black seat came from the dump shop in Wellington on a shopping outing that Ross and I took. And this week I bought some new, black handle grips thereby tripling the value of the bike (according to Tom).

I’m looking forward to putting things in the saddlebag and riding home with treasure.


7 Responses to My new wheels

  1. Chelsea says:

    Oh Emma, it’s gorgeous! I’m so jealous, and relieved to know you’ll fit in well with your quirky neighbours and be forever referred to as ‘the lady on the flippin’ awesome bike’. Btw, I have some American chocolates for you!

  2. Madeline says:

    Can you put some ribbons on the handlebars? Please? It looks like it really wants some.

  3. Ross and Julie says:

    New black handle grips and maybe ribbons?? The old bike won’t know what has hit it.Ross got alot of pleasure out of that bike, so I hope you do too. Love, Julie.

  4. tomandemma says:

    I’m not sure about the ribbons but I definitely need some practice – and to lower the seat. I rode it down the drive the other night and it was terrifying!

  5. Tony says:

    What a great bike. If you can touch the ground while sitting on the seat your seat is too low. Your leg should have almost full ( a slight bend ) when the pedal is at the lowest point and the middle of your foot is on the pedal. Makes it far easier to pedal, especially on the big hill up to your place. The ribbons will set it off nicely.

  6. tomandemma says:

    Therein lies the problem – right now the bike has to be lent right over for my foot to touch the ground so I think the seat will need to go down a wee bit. It might just be my lack of practice that made it terrifying too.

  7. […] ages searching different options online and thinking about what was best for me. I knew from biking Tom’s Dad’s old bike around that I didn’t have the leg power for a bike without gears. I also don’t have the […]

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