Fair’s fair

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Yesterday I headed off to another Craft 2.0 – something I’d been working towards for months and a welcome distraction from moping about the house and answering people’s “how are you?” questions.

I’ve done a few fairs now but this one was different. People came, people were grumpy looking. They looked and touched then moved on. I made quite a few sales still and times were nice but something was missing from the fairs of old. I thought maybe it was just that I was bummed out but others said the same.

There’s a certain slickness about some of the stalls now and I miss the hokey homemade feel. And what wasn’t great was people touting for their own upcoming fairs – go away people you’re cluttering up the stall. Especially not cool when people work their guts out to make Craft 2.0 awesome.

The good news is that when the December 3 Craft 2.0 rolls around (it’s an after-work fair) I won’t have to make much at all.

That and someone that reads our blog told me that the post about Tom’s offensive t-shirt (link below) has been printed out and now adorns the tearoom noticeboard at Air New Zealand. Right on!



4 Responses to Fair’s fair

  1. Tony says:

    There is a man I know in Winton who is an absolute expert in dealing with obnoxious people at fairs. Perhaps you should get a few pointers?

  2. tomandemma says:

    That’s true. Perhaps Dad could do a guest spot on the blog about dealing with pains in the arse?

  3. sue says:

    more and more people seem to poke at my creations and then say ‘oh I’m not buying just trying to work out how you made this’ and i don’t mind sharing that info if people ask, it’s the rudeness i just don’t understand.

  4. Helen says:

    Sue – I have some awesome stories around that kinda thing to share with you sometime….

    *people are RUDE*

    x H

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