A fish and a bicycle


Something's fishy

When I was about eight I clearly remember my Mum saying to me, ‘you’re such a feminist that when you get married I bet you don’t change your last name.’ Well yeah, I thought. I’ve already got a perfectly good name – why would I change it?

At art school I did a lot of work about glory boxes, marriage and the evils of domestic chores. But honestly? These weekends spent making craft for Craft 2.0 and seeing Tom potter in the garden and reading blogs like this one make me want to jet back to the 1950s pronto and spend my days making stuff and baking.

Of course, that’s because I have a choice.


2 Responses to A fish and a bicycle

  1. melissa says:

    hmm, that’s funny, i remember my mum saying something similar to me. except as it turns out, i’ve been too ‘feminist’ to get married in the first place!
    hehe. won’t stop me baking and knitting though.

  2. Helen says:

    I think you can enjoy housekeeping if you have a liberated partner who does their share…

    x H

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