Discoveries and adventures

Lemons by you.

Lemon installation in the bathroom

More kip: I‘m starting a new rule where if you spend the weekend away from your house you get another day. Our weekend in Palmerston North was great – visiting Helen, going to a blossom festival and visiting Tom’s Mum and Dad. But we were shattered before we left and now more so. This weekend = rest and sleep even if only to stop yawning every three seconds.

More cordial: Recently the aforementioned Helen posted her lemon cordial recipe on Facebook. I tried some in the weekend and it was incredible! I’ve just picked up a bag of lemons from my 91-year-old friend Barbara so this weekend will be making that. Here’s the recipe:

Juice of about 40 lemons
Tsp chilli paste
3 cups sugar
2 cups honey
1 big ginger root, peeled and finely grated
50g citric acid (natural preservative)

Boil up in a saucepan – pith, chilli seeds, ginger bits and all. Once boiling, simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

Pour through a fine sieve into hot, sterilised glass bottles. Keep in the fridge.

Take by the spoonful for chesty colds, or dilute – one part syrup to two parts boiling water for a hot drink.

More snappy: Tom has never been renowned for his sartorial elegance and hasn’t never been a “clothes make the man” man. But yesterday he bought a suit to wear to a Parliamentary select committee today. Turns out he loves the suit (and looks hot in it) and is now thinking of wearing it tomorrow too. We have created a monster…

More seedings: each day now we’re getting more and more seedlings, which is exciting and quizzical. Some of the seedlings are now pushing on the top of the propagater and others haven’t shown yet – what do we do about the lid?


4 Responses to Discoveries and adventures

  1. Andrea says:

    That’s a fascinating recipe. I’d just take the seedlings out and plant them as the only way I have ever grown veges and herbs is planting seeds straight into the garden. Until I read your earlier post I had never actually considered buying plants/seedlings, I guess because Mum and Dad never did.

  2. Madeline says:

    It depends …. are the sprouted ones in separate trays? … If they are, just take them out and put them on a tray nearby till they get even bigger and stronger, then plant them out. Now that they are germinated they probably don’t need the extra heat of the propagater.


  3. […] A recipe for lemon cordial – courtesy of my friend Helen […]

  4. […] I’ve been really enjoying the syrup with boiling water. If you’ve got lots of lemons or fancy a recipe with less sugar and more kapow then use Helen’s lemon cordial. […]

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